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Technical Support

We offer many options for obtaining help with your courses!

Self Support Options

Browser Issues: If you are having trouble logging in, it may be the browser, try these options....

      Option 1. Close all your Internet Explorer windows. Reopen IE and try again.

      Option 2. Switch to another browser, such as Opera or Safari

PDF Forms: If you are having trouble opening pages with PDF forms displayed, we suggest:

      Upgrade or Reinstall Adobe Acrobat Reader

Assistance by Phone

Call for assistance at (214) 501-8625 in Dallas. We may be on the other line with a student, so please leave a message so we can call you back!

We're available Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5:30 PM CST, but we do provide assistance, as needed, on the evenings and weekends, so please leave a message or send an email.

Support During Your Course

When you are logged into the site, you can contact us from whatever page you are using and we'll know right where you are by using the "Send a message" box on the right side of the page.

Assistance via Email

Send us an email to rachel@allianceacademy.org or support@allianceacademy.org .

Live Remote Technical Assistance

While working with our support staff, we may coordinate with you to temporarily connect to your computer through a secure connection that will allow us to see your desktop and help you diagnose your connection issues.

We use a software called TeamViewer, which is a secure solution for user-authorized remote computer control. You must provide us with the generated code so we can access your computer. The code changes after each session, so we will not have ongoing access.

TeamViewer QuickSupport is simple and runs immediately without installation.

Step 1. Download TeamViewer Quick Support

First, download the secure TeamViewer QuickSupport remote control software. To start working with TeamViewer you have to download and launch it by clicking "Run" in the Security Warning window.


In Windows explorer, the download could look like this depending on the version of your browser. Look for the "Run" button.

Step 2. Begin Support Session

To start remote desktop sharing you simply need to provide us with the 9 digit ID and 4 digit password.

Your computer is ready for us to control so we can assist you!

Step 3. End Support Session

To end our session, we will close the session or you can simply click the X in the bottom right corner of your screen and we will no longer have access to your computer.

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For additional information about Online Courses, contact support@allianceacademy.org or Call (214) 501-8625

For additional information about Live Courses & Other Services, contact jerry@allianceacademy.org or Call (800) 353-9814 / (972) 980-0643

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