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About Us - Guest Speakers

We take great pride in offering practical education opportunities to new and existing Mortgage professionals.

Our staff of instructors are true educators with a natural gift for sharing the wealth of information they have gathered in their experience in the Texas mortgage arena.

We also have services that no other school provides such as our blog site, consulting services, and our designation program!

We hope that you choose Alliance Academy as your Texas Mortgage education and compliance provider.

Harry Dinham, CMC
2006-2007 President
National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB)

Gary Akright, Mortgage Broker
Texas Finance Commission

Jim Pledger, Attorney
Former Commissioner
Texas Savings & Loan Department

Isaiah Blakely
Member, Texas Mortgage Broker Advisory Committee

Allen Kingsley, CRMS
Dallas Association of Mortgage Brokers (DAMB)

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For additional info about courses or compliance consulting, contact support@allianceacademy.org or call (214) 501-8625

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